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a About Florida Compass Group
Florida Compass Group is a full service government consulting firm. Our professionals develop clear and practical strategies for companies seeking to develop business opportunities with governmental entities, advance policy changes, or meet regulatory requirements. Each approach is customized to the needs of the client with a focus on the end goal. We guide clients step by step, helping them navigate the intersection of business and public policies. We do it by building on each client's strengths and unique expertise to forward their interests. We provide advice on how to avoid tangible and intangible pitfalls that could affect the client's objectives. Our services have proven highly effective in expanding our clients' businesses and positively impacting the bottom line.
a Governmental Affairs and Regulatory Consultancy

Florida Compass Group understands the language and intricacies of government bureaucracy. Every member of our staff has served in senior levels of government in Florida and the Caribbean. This in depth knowledge of regulatory matters and process are skillsets that we bring to our clients. In addition and just as important, our clients benefit from the 30 years our team members have invested in building professional relationships with the key decision makers throughout government.

a New Market Expansion and Business Development

From its early beginnings, Florida Compass Group has distinguished itself in assisting clients pursuing entry into new markets. We have been particularly successful in assisting our clients entering Puerto Rico, Central America as well as targeted markets in Florida and Brazil. Our efforts in this area have become so well known that we are a key advisor to a number of foreign governmental trade offices including those in the United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil and Mexico.

Business Development has been a key service for clients interested in public infrastructure opportunities. Our customized approach works with the client's new markets team to identify "soft" entry points and then develop a detailed strategy that can secure short and long term opportunities.

a Public Private Partnerships

Florida Compass Group has built a reputation as a leader in Public Private Partnership advisory in the United States and the Caribbean. This area of our practice has seen significant growth in the past 5 years. With changes in Puerto Rico regulations and pending legislative changes in the United States we expect that this trend will only continue to grow.

Our team has worked on key PPP projects involving transportation, education, financial services, and energy. Our experience in developing financially feasible agreements and building teams that can contribute to securing these opportunities is unmatched.

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